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Welcome to the page of the McGill Graduate Law Students Association 2011 Graduate Work Symposium.
We will use this page to update you on the scheduling and other news about our upcoming conference,
June 2 and 3. We will also soon be posting brief descriptions / abstracts of the work that will be presented.

Here is the schedule:

AIR AND SPACE - Thursday, 2 June, 9:30-11:30

Introduction by Prof. Ludwig Weber
Duncan Blake
Adequacy Of The Current Space Law Framework From A Military Strategic Perspective.
Paul Fitzgerald
Freeing "Open Skies": the Need for Consistent and Harmonized Regulation of Aviation

Alejandro Piera Legal Aspects of Aviation and Climate Change

HUMAN RIGHTS - Thursday, 2 June, 14:30-16:30

Introduction by Prof. Frédéric Mégret
Liam McHugh-Russell
Regulating Human Rights: From Legal Problems to Cultural Tensions
Bethany Hastie
The Boundaries of "Coercion" in Human Trafficking Legislation
Benoît Mayer
At the Frontiers of Rights: Protecting Human Rights Beyond National Borders, in Law and Practice
Roisin Hennessy
Legal Empowerment or Cooptation? : Towards a More Complex Understanding of the Role of Legal Emporwerment as a Development Strategy in the Global South
Shane Chalmers
Legalising Dignity: Critical Reflections on Law and Human Rights. Some Preliminary and Tentative Thoughts.
LEGAL SYSTEMS FUNCTIONING -Friday, 3 June, 9:30-11:30Charles Paul Hoffman
Visual Representations of the Nova Scotia Legislative Council
Nelcy Lopez Cuellar
Correlative lack of authority and lack of obedience as a dynamic of legal pluralism within the state
Brock Rutter
Citation network analysis between Canadian provincial courts of appeal
Michaël Fischer
What can we learn from mixed legal systems?
FOSTERING GROWTH - Friday, 3 June, 14:30-16:30Lina Winkler
Regulation of intermediaries in the music business - game rules for managers, agents and lawyers?

Isabelle Deschamps
Commercial Law Reform, an Instrument of Social and Economic Transformation in Africa—A (Critical) Legal Pluralist Analysis of the OHADA Project
Madhav Mallya
Arbitration and Public Policy- The Role of Courts in India, England and the United States
Raphaël Dessemontet
Contract Theory - How Nuance and Reason Pave the Way Forward: the Example of a Proposed Reform of Swiss Construction Law
Kuzi Charamba
The State Under Siege and the Need for the Effective Regulation of Multinational Corporations

(This site is from the conference that took place in 2011. Archived site maintained by Brock Rutter. )

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